Computer Requirements by Major

Communication Media and Technology Students

Communication, Media & Technology

A Windows or Macintosh notebook or desktop is required freshman year, first semester. Returning students should upgrade their software as necessary. Computer Requirements for Communication, Media & Technology Students 

DNAP student at computer

DNAP Nurse Anesthesia Practice

Entering DNAP students must be computer literate and possess a Windows laptop/notebook computer with program-defined specifications.  Computer Requirements for the DNAP Student

Student and teacher at computer

Graphic Design

All incoming freshman and transfer students in the Graphic Design program are required to purchase an Apple laptop computer and software before the start of the fall semester. Computer Requirements for Graphic Design Students

Interior Design Student at Computer

Interior Design

A Windows notebook is required fall semester for students taking IDSN1011 Interior Design Graphics I; and in spring semester for students taking IDSN1021 Interior Design Graphics II and IDSN1020 Interior Design I. Computer Requirements for Interior Design Students 

Students at computers

Other Majors

Most majors except those explicitly listed above, are not required to own a computer. We recommend that you make a purchase if you deem it beneficial. Recommended requirements for computer buying