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Major Talk

La Roche University film students using photographic equiptment


Thursday, Aug. 13 | 2 p.m.

Host: Crystal Fortwangler, Ph.D.

Talk with our filmmaker-in-residence about ways our program exposes students to every aspect involved in film production.

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La Roche University student teacher in an elementary classroom with student


Monday, Aug. 14 |  1 p.m.
Host: Kate Silvis, Ph.D. 

Discover how we prepare students for the demands of today’s education field. 

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La Roche University design student holding room layout project

Interior Design

Thursday, Aug. 13 | 11 a.m.

Host: Nicole Bieak Kreidler, Ph.D.

Learn how our nationally accredited program prepares students to solve problems and create innovative, functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions for residential and commercial spaces.

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