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Financial Aid

Financial Aid for Home-schooled Students

Federal Aid

Home schooled students who satisfy the final regulations are eligible to receive financial aid without taking an ability-to-benefit test. 

Final regulations allow a homeschooled student to be eligible for financial assistance if the student satisfies his or her state’s requirements pertaining to home schools.

 If the state requires a homeschooled student to obtain a certificate of completion, then that becomes the requirement for the student to establish Title IV (federal) aid eligibility. (Source: NASFAA)

Pennsylvania Financial Aid

If the homeschooled student has completed a diploma program which is properly registered with the Pennsylvania Department of Education to issue secondary school graduation credentials for post-secondary school admittance and PHEAA grants and loans,* or if they are the recipient of a Commonwealth Secondary School Diploma (GED), they will receive consideration for PHEAA state aid, provided they file the FAFSA by the required deadline.

The following organizations have been recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education as diploma programs:

  • Pennsylvania Home School Accreditation Agency
  • Buxmont Christian Educational Institute Inc.
  • Erie County Homeschoolers
  • Susquehanna Valley Home School Diploma Programs Inc.
  • The Home School Academy/Northeast Christian Academy
  • Mason-Dixon Homeschoolers
  • Upattinas School

If a student was not in one of the organizations mentioned above, but certification has been received from the local school district superintendent that he/she complied with Public School Law 2413227, they are eligible.

Students who reside in other states may want to contact their state’s Board of Education to inquire about the requirements regarding college student aid. 

*Source: Pennsylvania Department of Education