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Pacem Legacy Scholarship

The Pacem in Terris Institute, established by Monsignor William Kerr in 1993, undoubtedly has a positive impact on the lives of many students. As we prepare to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Pacem, we are pleased to announce the creation of a La Roche-sponsored Pacem in Terris Legacy Scholarship Program. This scholarship program will be in effect for a three-year period, beginning in the spring of 2017 and finishing with the incoming class in fall 2019.

We are giving alumni of La Roche University and the Pacem in Terris Program the privilege of nominating two international undergraduate students per academic year to receive an academic scholarship of $60,000 per student. The scholarship will be distributed equally over the four years of study at La Roche, and the recommended students must meet all the academic qualifications for admission. All Pacem alumni are encouraged to complete the online nomination form.

How to Nominate a Pacem Alumni:

Online Pacem Legacy Scholarship Form

Pacem Legacy Scholarship Form  (PDF)