November Prayer Requests

During the month of November we, as a Church and Community, are called to remember and pray for those who have died. As we begin this month of November with the celebration of All Saints Day and All Souls Day, and close the month with Thanksgiving, we pause to remember in prayer and gratitude the lives of those who, although no longer in the world, remain close to us through the Communion of Saints. Our prayers for them also deepen our faith in God's love and our hope of sharing in life eternal which Christ prepared for us. 

You may submit your prayer request in two ways shown below: (donations are optional)

Provide us your loved one's name(s) to be posted on the Mission & Ministry website & placed on a prayer list in Chapel.
Submit your loved one's name(s) with a donation to be listed on Mission & Ministry website & placed on a prayer list in Chapel.

In the month of No
vember, we pray for the souls of the departed loved ones listed below:

Lighted Candle+Robert and +Elizabeth Fullmer, +Jeffrey Gabosch by Linda Cusick
Lighted Candle+Blanche and +Thomas Ellena, +Helen and +John Modzelewski, +Francis Modzelewski, +Howard and +Steffie Bender, the deceased members of +Fissore, +Nowakowski, +Modzelewski, +Nitowski and +Przetakiewicz Families by Mary Lou Ellena
Lighted Candle+Donald Reghi by Patricia Righi
Lighted Candle +John Cheiton, +James & +Martha Smith, +Melvin Smith by Rose Cheriton
Lighted Candle+Kancha Baba by Gopal Nepali
Lighted Candle+Lawrence & +Madeline Yeasted, +Arnold & +Marie Thimons, +Irwin Kronen, +Rustum Roy, +Rev. Joseph Bronder, OSB, +Joseph, +Robert, +Arnold Thimons, +Margaret & +Charles Culleiton, +Deceased Sisters for Christian Community by Sr. Rita M. Yeasted, SFCC
Lighted Candle+Megan Dietz by Christine Duncan
Lighted Candle+James Duncan Sr., +James Duncan Jr., +Konrad Family, +Williams Family, Duncan Family and +Unis Family by Christine Duncan
Lighted Candle+Thomas Richert by June Fischerkeller 
Lighted Candle+Howard & + Catherine Richert by June Fischerkeller
Lighted Candle+Walter H. Schulte by Walter G. Schulte
Lighted Candle+Steve and +Mary Pello, +Guido and +Jennie Villella by Lauren Villella
Lighted Candle+Linda Carter by Brittaney Carter
Lighted Candle+Dr. John Carter by Brittaney Carter
Lighted Candle+Victor Tolotti by Brittaney Carter
Lighted Candle+Bob Mitsch, +Mack Family, +Mitch Family by Joan Mack Motch
Lighted Candle+Margaret Schramm, +George Schramm, +Margaret Schons, +Charles Schons, +Edmund & +Virginia Fabisiak by Peggy Schramm & Luke Fabisiak
Lighted Candle+Yeongho, +Clara Jang by Min A. Kim
Lighted Candle+Cole Rinker by Travis Hyle
Lighted Candle+Wansu Kim by Min A. Kim
Lighted Candle+Brett Russell by Kristin Kipe
Lighted Candle+Margaret, +Joseph & +Larry Bertram by Nancy Runco
Lighted Candle+Gallitzin and +Agnes Duman Family members by Sr. Bernie Duman
Lighted Candle+John Merli by Dave Merli
Lighted Candle+Barbara Decker by Dave Merli
Lighted Candle+Frank Inrrieri, +Marclyn Westlake, +Agnes Connor, +Brice & +Florence Westlak, +Amallia, +Mario Intrieiri by Marcia Maloni
Lighted Candle+Margaret E. Switalski, +Raymond R. Switalski by Kelley Anne Switalski Rzotkiewicz
Lighted Candle+Jesus Almendarez, +Audrey Miller, +Lorraine Kram, +Anthony Sandrock, +Anna Richard, +Francis Danahey by Sister Elena Almendarez
Lighted Candle+Thomas Chester by Victoria Chester
Lighted Candle+Ernest William Sr. by Coya William
Lighted Candle+Dr. Francis Malloy & + Margaret Malloy by Peggy & Vince Amatangelo
Lighted Candle+Linda Sue (Still) Clark by Cindy
Lighted Candle+Tsering by Lhakpa Chonzom Gurung
Lighted Candle+Barbara & +William Effinger by Barbara Bencsics
Lighted Candle+Margaret Effinger by Barbara Bencsics
Lighted Candle+Marion Bencsics by Barbara Bencsics
Lighted Candle+Christopher Wasylyshyn by Karen
Lighted Candle+Charles L. Carlin Jr., +Elenor Crothers, +Sr. Kathleen Mack by Sr. Mary Christine Carlin
Lighted Candle+Toni Riethmiller by Becky (Riethmiller) Sherwin
Lighted Candle+Les and +Mary Lou Knobeloch by Sandy Knobeloch
Lighted Candle+Roy and +Jane Wagner by Sandy Knobeloch
Lighted Candle+Dennis Banks by Autumn Armijo
Lighted Candle+Eva Eleanor Bogdewiecz by Bonna Bowser
Lighted Candle+Dick Battaglia, +R.J. Miller Jr., +Betty Miller by Gina Miller
Lighted Candle+David Rowe, +Burton Rowe, +Scuddie, +Purrdy, and +Tucker by Gail Rowe
Lighted Candle+Marlene, +Joseph, +Charles, +Naccarato, +Frances, +Chester, +Krofcheck, +Elva,+Van Kirk, +Lorretta, +Becker by Michele Van Kirk
Lighted Candle+Jesse Curran by Jim Curran
Lighted Candle+Katherine Miller by Christine Yalich
Lighted Candle+Patricia Yalich by Christine Yaklich
Lighted Candle+Anastasia Mural, + John Mural by Desiree Schreiner
Lighted Candle+Jennie Ameris by Lauren Lanzino
Lighted Candle+Marie Stankowski, +Ann Ruhl by Ed Stankowski
Lighted Candle+Ray & + Emma Golebie, +Eddie Donovan by Katherine Golebie
Lighted Candle+Peter Settino by Marissa Lazzaro
Lighted Candle+Raymond Dennis, +Regina Dennis, +Elaine Kennedy by Janet Dennis
Lighted Candle+ Arthur Reynolds Jr. by Linda Scott
Lighted Candle+Bill Coyne by Kathy Kozdemba
Lighted Candle+Eloise Johnson by Jeff Perdue
Lighted Candle+Yayna Lee Miller by anonymous
Lighted Candle+Charles E. Beck by Donna Ceney
Lighted Candle+Catherine Romeo Adornato, +Salvatore (Sam) Adornato, +Kathleen (Carmella) Adornato,  +Catherine (Katie) Adornato, +William Stewart, +Elizabeth Hill Stewart, +Frank Romeo, Mary Violi Romeo by Cheryl Stewart-Miller
Lighted Candle+Pasquale & +Dina Lombardo, +Gerard Hogam, +Dennis Horgan, +Raymond Benedek by Caroline Horgan
Lighted Candle+Deb Lassinger Danowski by Noreen
Lighted Candle+Bridget & +Ross Mendicino by Noreen
Lighted Candle+Ann Bickert by Noreen
Lighted Candle+Joe & Mary Ackerman by Noreen
Lighted Candle+Ed & +Mary Jacquel by Noreen
Lighted Candle+David Stawski, +Verne & +Theresa Montanari, +Mark Montananari, +Fred & +Virginia Montanari by Sharon Montanari
Lighted Candle+Thomas & +Blanche Ellena by Helen Modzelewski
Lighted Candle+Sue Leosewski, +John Leosewski, +Lynn Leosewski, +Esther Burgess by Bernadette Burgess 
Lighted Candle+Charles E. Winschel by Chistine A. Saber
Lighted Candle+Ursula Weyandt, +KIen Woollett by Cindy Woollett
Lighted Candle+Dorothy & +Thomas Hunt, +Walter & Marga Schmacher by Francine Hunt Schmacher
Lighted Candle+Charles E. Winschel by Christina A Winschel
Lighted Candle+Louis DeRose, +Anthony Kurtz, Calvin Plues, +Mike Helon by Andrew Kutz
Lighted Candle+Patricia Jones by Alexis Carrion
Lighted Candle+Francis L. Haus Jr. by Jeffery Haus
Lighted Candle+Kevin Curley by Linda Schneider
Lighted Candle+Margret Vucich, + Frank Vucich, +Helen Reardon by Mariellen Vucich
Lighted Candle+Joseph A. Massaro Jr. by David E. Masarro
Lighted Candle+Shirley & +James Kelly by Portia Edwards
Lighted Candle+ Stawaisz Family, +McGinty Family, +Mary Ellen Claton, +Katherine Gallagher by anonymous
Lighted Candle+ Thomas L. Sullivan Sr. by Theresa E. Sullivan
Lighted Candle+Marie Brown, Albert Brown,  +Corey Jacobson, +Beth Sube, +George E. Puhak III by Bonnie Brown Jacobson
Lighted Candle +Mary Hannah Drnjevich & +Andrew Drenjevich by Alice Drnjevich
Lighted Candle+ Charles (Red) Downing) by Marie Downing
Lighted Candle+ John Foley, + Sophia Walters, +Mary Jo Enghusen by Debra Dian
Lighted Candle+ Sr. Rita Ordakowski by Cynthia (Sagel) Modispacher
Small Votive+Cecelia & +Joseph Modispacher by Cythhia (Sagel) Modispacher
Small Votive+Anne & +Raymond Ordakowsski by Cynthia (Sagel) Modispacher
Small Votive+ Jack Emery by Stephanie Emery
Small Votive+Donald Kenneth Dowling, Sr, +Donald Kenneth Dowling, Jr., +Donald Kenneth Dowling III, +Lawrence Dowling, +Erma Dowling, +Doris Mihalko, +Daniel Mihalko by Jennifer Dowling
Small Votive+ Mary E. Coyle, + Francis S. Coyle III, +Conrad Kellenberg, +Sr. Joan Kellenberg, +Colleen McDonald, + Jim McDonald, + +Sr. Mary Berchmans, +Zachary True by Timothy B. Coyle
Small Votive+ Larry Steck by Mandy Kushner
Small Votive+ Joaquim DeSousa, + Maria DeSousa, + Adelina DeSousa by Teresa M. Desousa
Small Votive+ Paul Hornbake by Martha "Martie" Chaplin
Small Votive + Bill Blake by Barbara Honkus
Small Votive+ William A. Stanonik by William D. Stanonik
Small Votive+Franco Mancuso, +Salvatore Mancuso, +Francesco Ceravolo, +Nino Ceravolo, +Nina Ceravolo, +Tori Bianco by Jonathan Mancuso
Small Votive + Burton A. Carlisle & Julia Tkocz by Christina Carlisle Connolly             
Small Votive + Issac Sutley by Loving Aunt
Small Votive+ Harold & Linda Huffmyer by Amy & Jacob Kenndy
Small Votive + Bill Peterson by Carol Bertram
Small Votive + Barb Strange & Bill Zulkosky by Johanna Susan Samuels
Small Votive+ Paul Mehr by Kathy (Mehr) Chianese                       
Small Votive + Paul F. Kremen by Sherri Aufman 
Small Votive+ Theda Bruno by Craig Bruno