When should you seek help?

When Should Students Seek Services? 

Counseling services are available and free to all La Roche University students. We believe strongly that there is never a problem too big or too small  for you to seek services. You can come to us for anything, even if you just want to vent or talk about life. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Schedule an appointment or stop by.

Appointments are usually 30 to 60 minutes in length and are confidential.

Some common reasons students seek help: 


. Relationship conflicts
. Homesickness
. Addictions
. Depressions
. Self-esteem enhancement
. Dealing with poor academic performance
. Eating disorders
. Divorce
. Dysfunctional families
. Codependency
. Trauma recovery
. Wellness and quality of life 

La Roche University Counseling & Health Services

Lori Arend, LSW • Bold Hall room II 261 412-847-2506 • lori.arend@laroche.edu

Erin Dorsch LSW • Bold Hall II 259a 412-536-1051 • erin.dorsch@laroche.edu

Lily Starr, MSW • Bold Hall II 259b 412-536-1042 • liliane.starr@laroche.edu

Graduate Student Intern Office • Bold Hall II 259b 412-536-1042