Scholarships and Student Aid

Campaign goal: $2,000,000

Helping students and families meet the costs of education is essential to sustaining a strong and growing enrollment at La Roche University. While the University works hard to keep costs well below the average for private higher education, families still sacrifice greatly to pay for a college education.

Annual and Endowed Scholarships

By investing in existing scholarships or creating new ones geared toward your own interests, you can make a profound impact on the success of our students and alumni for generations to come. Your support will help us:

  • Provide scholarships to as many students as possible
  • Attract outstanding students
  • Help our graduates avoid crushing amounts of debt
  • Enable La Roche to remain competitive in the higher education landscape

Donors may choose from two general types of scholarships at La Roche: an annual scholarship or an endowed scholarship. Both types of scholarships can be named by the donor, sometimes in honor or in memory of a loved one.

View a complete listing of existing scholarships at La Roche.

Pacem In Terris Scholarhip

Inspired by our Catholic identity and belief in the fundamental dignity of every human being, La Roche is committed to preserving the legacy of the Pacem in Terris Scholarship, founded 25 years ago by La Roche’s former president, the late Monsignor William Kerr.

Pacem in Terris has made it possible for students from war-torn and developing nations all over the world to be educated at La Roche. As a result, these students return home and use their new skills, knowledge and confidence to help improve the conditions of their homelands.

This vision for Pacem in Terris has been realized hundreds of times, as La Roche alumni have returned to places like Rwanda, Equatorial Guinea, Uganda, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo and many others, to contribute to the economic development, increase standards of living, and promote justice and human rights.

Though the numbers of students attending La Roche through Pacem in Terris no longer equal those of its early years because of financial limitations, the Many Faces, One Vision campaign will expand a permanent endowment to admit selected students into the Pacem in Terris program for generations to come.

How to Give

For more information or to inquire contact:
Jerry Mote
Development Officer
(412) 536-1088