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The Saint John’s Bible Illuminations Collection

    Being a Catholic college is at the very core of our mission at La Roche University. All that we strive to do is informed and guided by the Word of God.

    In observance of our 50th anniversary in 2013, La Roche acquired The Saint John’s Bible Heritage Edition, a fine art reproduction of the first handwritten and hand-illuminated Bible produced in more than 500 years, since the invention of the printing press, according to the Benedictine Monks of Saint John’s Abbey and University in Minnesota, who commissioned the project.

    A corps of generous benefactors and friends of the University supported the vision of Sister Candace Introcaso, CDP, Ph.D., the seventh president of La Roche, who believed The Saint John’s Bible would serve as a manifestation of the University’s mission and Catholic identity. Limited to 299 sets — La Roche has Signed Edition Number 50/299 — the seven volumes of The Heritage Edition are true to the scale, beauty and artistic intent of the original manuscript.

    This Bible for the 21st Century is intentionally multicultural and contemporary, with its imagery drawing on various traditions and aesthetics from both the ancient and modern worlds. The powerful message and stunning works of art in The Saint John’s Bible are incorporated into curriculum programs, campus seminars and worship services. Presentations are made to schools, churches and community organizations upon request.

    To broaden the appreciation of the Bible across the campus, The Saint John’s Bible Illuminations Collection at La Roche University has been established. The generosity of donors enables the University to continually acquire fine art prints and reproductions of the 160 illuminations interwoven through the Bible. They are installed in classrooms, offices and hallways throughout the La Roche campus — many in memory or in honor of special friends of the University — as symbols of our Catholic identity and as reminders of the importance of our Provident God in our lives.

    In the virtual catalog of pages of Illuminations accessible above, we invite you to learn more about the array of prints that the University hopes to add to its Collection. If you are interested in underwriting the acquisition of a print and helping to advance the appreciation of The Saint John’s Bible at La Roche University, please us at: or 412-536-1150.

    We are grateful to Saint John’s University and those involved with The Saint John’s Bible Heritage Program for permission to reproduce images of the illuminations and explanatory material from their website and publications, particularly the book, The Art of the Saint John’s Bible by Susan Sink.