Jon Dascola ’06

Jon Dascola ’06 is Human Interface Designer for Apple.

Why did you choose La Roche?        

La Roche had the best graphic design program in the area. The College was highly recommended by a mentor and design teacher from high school. He really encouraged me to study design and to attend La Roche.

What impact did La Roche have on you as a person?       

La Roche really got me excited about design and gave me the understanding of how it would affect my life. It's not a skill that you can turn off or leave at a 9-5 job. It's a way of looking at and paying attention to the world. That was a point made in my first design orientation classes, and reiterated throughout the curriculum.

What advice do you have for our students?            

Get your portfolios buttoned up. Tailor them to the work you want to do, not just the work you have done. Be engaged in the design community. Reach out to people that are doing the work you want to do. Be bold. Be curious. Never stop learning.

Why would you recommend La Roche to a prospective student?       

I received a solid design education and made some great friends along the way.

How did La Roche prepare you for your position at Apple?           

La Roche gave me a good understanding of how the principles of design can apply to many different types of mediums: print, web, apps, physical objects, spaces, etc. Understanding the basics of form, layout, typography and concepts, or storytelling, are skills I use every day.

How did a degree from La Roche help you advance your career?            

La Roche had a good relationship with American Eagle Outfitters, my first real design job. Through there I made many contacts that helped me get to where I am today.

Please describe an experience with a faculty or staff member who made a strong, positive impact on you.         

I owe quite a lot to Dr. Augustus Brown for mentoring me throughout my time at La Roche, and for years after. He took me to meet many different design professionals in the city, which ultimately changed the trajectory of my career and led me to Apple.

How did participating in La Roche activities enhance your college experience?   

I was involved in Praxis, the graphic design club. It really introduced me to upperclassmen when I was starting out. I felt part of a tight community and surrounded by people that took design as seriously as I did.

What are you most proud of when you look back on your La Roche experience?              

Winning the graphic design immersion projects both my junior and senior year. They were some of my favorite and useful experiences over the years, and I am proud to have done well.

What is your favorite memory of being a La Roche student?         

Staying in the studios late at night working on design projects with my friends.