Bryan Weimerskirch ’15

Meet, business analyst for UPMC.

Tell us about your job with UPMC.

My job duties include collaborating with stakeholders to elicit business needs and translating these business needs into clearly defined, high quality requirements. I follow my areas through the entire software lifecycle to ensure a quality product. I also am accountable for identification, documentation, and resolution of defects and issues.

How did La Roche prepare you for your position?

As I progressed through my major at La Roche, the projects I completed were real-life examples of day-to-day business, which made working in the professional world seem manageable. I stepped into the workforce well-prepared and ready to succeed.

La Roche challenged me academically in a way to better myself for my future. The professors did a fantastic job in making me real-world ready to excel early in my professional career.

Why did you choose La Roche?

Growing up in a small town and going to a small high school, I felt that La Roche would be a great fit for me. The class sizes gave me a chance to have stronger relationships with my professors. Academically La Roche offered a diverse list of majors for someone that was undecided going into college.

Were you involved in any clubs, sports or organizations as a student? How did these activities enhance your college experience?

I was on the soccer team all four years of my time at La Roche. Being part of a team enhanced my experience at La Roche with all the memories that come from it. I also was a member of the Student Government Association, which taught me valuable lessons working with faculty and staff.

What advice do you have for our students?

My advice for students who are about to graduate is to never stop applying. Do not become content after applying to one or two places. Always keep your options open because the job that you think you like might not be the right position for you.

Please describe an experience with a faculty or staff member who made a strong, positive impact on you.

Dr. Michaela Noakes was the reason I decided to choose my field of study. She was the reason I went on and completed a master’s degree in information systems at La Roche. As a professor she challenged me in the classroom like never before. Without her guidance in the classroom, I would not be as prepared as I am in my profession.