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Coronavirus Updates

The University will continue to update the campus community as new and relevant information or policy developments arise.

Vaccine and Testing Requirements for Spring 2022 Semester

Updated Wednesday, Jan. 6

Dear Students: Maintaining the health and safety of our campus community continues to be our top priority.

It is our goal to continue providing a full, traditional university experience, and a high vaccination rate on campus will allow us to safeguard our community as we resume normal campus operations for the spring semester. La Roche continues to require all enrolled student-athletes and resident students to be vaccinated for COVID-19. It is also critical that those who are eligible get a booster as soon as possible.

Due to the high incidence of COVID-19 infections at this time, La Roche will require all resident students to get tested prior to the start of the spring semester. Please upload your test results to this secure site:

The University has secured limited testing on Sunday from 2-5 p.m. in the Palumbo Science Center, Room 102. Testing will take about 15 minutes. Students must sign up for a specific time.  Secure your appointment online.

Please note: You are not permitted to return to your room until your test result is uploaded to the intranet site. If your test comes back positive, you should return home or going into an isolation space if necessary. Students who experience symptoms of COVID-19 should stay home and notify the pandemic safety officer:

How do I prove to La Roche that I am vaccinated?

If you have not done so, you must submit a photo of your Vaccination Card to the Housing Portal. Follow the instructions below:

  • Visit
  • Log in to your housing Self Service with your University username and password.
  • Select Applications on the left side of the screen.
  • Click COVID-19 Vaccination Record. *
  • The website will prompt you to sign a COVID-19 vaccination acknowledgement form. You also will need to answer a series of questions.
  • Upload the photo of your Vaccination Card using this file name: COVID_19_Vaccine_Card.
  • Click Submit.

*If you do not see the COVID-19 Vaccination Record option on your Self Service screen, or if you have any additional questions, please contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life: 412-536-1195 or Contact the Student IT Help Desk at 412-847-2300 if you do not know your La Roche log-in credentials.

What if I don’t get vaccinated?

Throughout the semester, random testing may be required for those who are not vaccinated. Any fees associated with testing will be the responsibility of the student. 

The University also will continue to have designated living areas in Bold Hall for unvaccinated students. Unvaccinated students will be restricted from visiting other residence halls or rooms of vaccinated students.   

In order to live together in the same room, students must be vaccinated to stay in the room assignment. Those who are not vaccinated will have designated living space, and roommates may need to change based on vaccination status. 

If students who are not vaccinated contract the COVID-19 virus, all associated costs such as for testing, quarantine and/or isolation and medical treatment will be their sole responsibility. Students who must leave prior to the end of semester due to COVID-19 sickness, and who have not provided the University proof of vaccination, will not be eligible for refunds on housing and dining fees. For all of these reasons, obtaining the vaccine will be beneficial for students, whether they live on or off campus. 

Will there be exemptions to COVID-19 immunization? 

Consistent with federal and state law, La Roche accepts medical and religious exemptions, including moral and ethical beliefs, to the COVID-19 vaccination requirement. 

Resident students and athletes who want to file an exemption must submit their waivers before the start of the semester. Visit to complete and submit your exemption form.

Will the vaccine be mandated for students working or visiting the residence halls?

Any student working or visiting the residence halls, which are designated for vaccinated students, must be vaccinated themselves.

Will La Roche accept proof of vaccination obtained in another country?

Yes, if the vaccine has been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). If the vaccine has not been approved by the WHO, La Roche will follow the Pennsylvania guidelines on whether to accept proof of vaccination from another country.

I commute to campus and do not play a sport. Am I required to get the vaccine? 

While the vaccine requirement only applies to residents and athletes, we highly encourage all students to get the vaccine. The La Roche community rallied last year in extraordinary circumstances, and we learned how best practices keep us all safe. The best practice now is to acquire the vaccine so that we can gather for the classes, events and everyday moments that make up the La Roche experience.   

Please consider getting vaccinated now. If you are vaccinated, please get the booster as soon as possible. 

Once you are vaccinated, please show proof of immunization by uploading your COVID-19 Vaccination Card to this secure site on the La Roche intranet. This information will help the University determine the vaccination rate on campus.

Will certain majors be required to get the vaccine? 

At this time nursing majors who are scheduled for clinical experiences must be vaccinated. 

Will vaccines be required to participate in Study Abroad + Study USA trips? 

La Roche continues to monitor the possibility of Study Abroad+Study USA travel by following guidance from all relevant authorities, including the U.S. Department of State and the CDC. 

As we work toward a return to travel, most international destinations will require vaccines. As a result, all students and employees who apply for study abroad programs must show proof of being fully vaccinated at the time of their application.

What are the benefits of getting the COVID-19 vaccine?

This new requirement is a key factor in the University’s ability to lift nearly all campus-wide COVID-19 restrictions, including masking and physical distancing. A vaccinated population will allow us to safely return to our typical campus operations where in-person classes, clubs, dining and residences can resume without restrictions.   

The COVID-19 vaccinations currently authorized by the FDA are safe and proven to be extremely effective in preventing transmission of the virus. In the rare instances in which a vaccinated individual contracts COVID-19, the vaccine significantly mitigates its effects. 

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support.


Rosemary D. McCarthy, PhD., RN
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
and Dean of Graduate Studies and Adult Education
Chief Pandemic Safety Officer