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Why Intern?

Internships allow you to gain real-life work experience in your field of study while you are still a student. Through internship participation, you gain the practical experience that you need to work independently as well as with a team. Not only will you build a strong resume, but you’ll demonstrate to employers that you’ve exercised the skills that they desire and value. 

Internships help you to:

  • Discover your niche by demonstrating real-work situations and expectations
  • Connect with professionals in your field who can enhance your network and lead to additional employment opportunities
  • Gain experience using industry-specific technologies and developing the required skills in your field
  • Build resume content
  • Set yourself up for full-time hiring offers

    Real-World Insight

    Do you want to work in a corporate environment or a smaller office setting? Are you suitable for a demanding, fast-paced atmosphere, or do you prefer a more relaxed environment? Interning provides insight into a particular industry; the experience shows you what you want and don’t want in a future career.


    Along with your resume, you’ll need to build positive working relationships with professionals in your field. Internships give you the chance to grow your network of mentors and professional peers. These contacts can provide job referrals, invitations to industry events and references for future employment.

    A Pathway to Full-Time Employment

    Because interns typically require less training and already understand the company culture, many employers use internship programs as a pipeline to full-time hire.

    Project-Based Internships

    Unlike traditional internships, micro-internships can take place year-round. These project-based internships allow you to demonstrate skills, build networks and explore careers. 

    Typically micro-internships range from five to 40 hours of work, and are ideal for student athletes, working students and recent graduates who are juggling multiple responsibilities. These internships also provide an opportunity for you to:

    • Build your resume, develop specific skills sets and showcase a tangible project as evidence of experience
    • Receive credit for project-based internships
    • Intern virtually for short-term assignments
    • Meet the requirements for curriculum practical training if you are an international student
    For more information on micro-internships, please visit the Parker Dewey website

      Accomplishing Your Dreams at La Roche

      When you graduate from La Roche University, you’ll have the skills and experience to meet employers’ expectations. How? By completing internships before graduating, regardless of your major. 

      Our students from various fields of study have interned across the nation for companies and organizations such as:

      • Allegheny County Bureau of Corrections
      • Bayer
      • Butler Health System
      • City of Pittsburgh Police
      • Department of Human Services
      • Dollar Bank
      • Doubletree Hotel by Hilton
      • DRS Architects
      • FedEx Services
      • Greater Pittsburgh Physical Therapy
      • Heritage Valley Health System
      • Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC
      • McKesson
      • National U.S.-Arab Chamber of Commerce
      • Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium
      • PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
      • Providence Heights Alpha School
      • S&T Bank
      • The Pittsburgh Pirates
      • The Pittsburgh Steelers
      • Walt Disney World