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If You Are Deployed

Need to withdraw from La Roche University for an upcoming deployment?

Whenever any United States service member is called or ordered to active duty, (other than active duty for training), including in the case of members of the Pennsylvania National Guard, active State duty, La Roche University will grant the member a military leave of absence from their education.  Persons on military leave of absence from their educational institution shall be entitled, upon release from military duty, to be restored to the educational status they had attained prior to their deployment without loss of academic credits earned, scholarships or grants awarded or tuition and other fees paid prior to the deployment.  La Roche University will refund tuition or fees paid, or credit the tuition and fees to the next semester after the termination of the educational military leave of absence.

A student called to active duty should compete the online leave of absence form on the Registrar's website and contact the Certifying Official at 412.536.1083 to notify them of your deployment

You will need to provide your deployment orders to the Registrar's Office so that a tuition appeal can be initiated.  You can drop off or fax your orders to the Registrar’s Office (412) 536- 1075.  When the college receives your orders your tuition assessment will be set to $0.00


We Want You Back!

To be readmitted to the college simply contact the Graduate Studies & Adult Education Office at (412) 536 1260, or you can e-mail us at Be certain to keep us updated regarding your plans.