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Commuting to Campus

Commuting to Campus

Commuter students make up a large portion of the La Roche population. Since La Roche is a small school, it's easy to meet people and get involved without living on campus. Our goal is to connect you with the campus community and provide information about student-life activities, events and programs.

Parking at La Roche

The University provides free parking on a first-come, first-served basis for all commuter students.  You must register your motor vehicle(s) with the Office of Public Safety. Parking is available in the designated commuter lots; you are not permitted to park in the residence hall lots.

Relaxing on Campus

Why drive all the way home in between classes when you can relax or study on campus? Hang out with friends in the CC Square and dining hall, or visit the Bold Union Room, equipped with a microwave, stove, refrigerator, TV and pool table. Or, if you want to finish some homework or study, head over to The Wright Library.

Dining at La Roche

Worried about getting lunch or dinner during your busy schedule? No worries. There is a meal plan created specially for commuter students. For more information on the commuter meal plan, contact the Office of Student Life at 412-536-1071.

Voice your Opinion

As a commuter student, you have a Student Government representative who can address your concerns. If you want to change something on campus or need to discuss an ongoing issue, contact your SGA representative or stop by a scheduled SGA meeting.