Sarah Thomas ’19

The National Security Studies program, combined with extracurricular activities, prepared Sarah Thomas ’19 for the next step in her academic career: earning her Juris Doctor degree. Ms. Thomas will enter the J.D. program at Duquesne University this fall.

How did La Roche prepare you for law school?

My time at La Roche challenged me to become a better public speaker and writer. Specifically, my national security courses encouraged me to embrace a succinct writing style, which is helpful in drafting legal briefs. Presentations in classes like Intelligence Analysis allowed me to improve my public speaking skills, while learning to present in a realistic, professional-setting.

Who encouraged you to go to law school?

Professor Crowley, my advisor, was the first person to introduce me to the idea of attending law school. He made me feel like I was capable, while challenging me to put forth my best effort. I am truly grateful for the help he provided.

How did activities at La Roche enhance your college experience?

I served as the academic vice president of La Roche's Student Government Association for two terms. This position allowed me to make new friends, and work closely with other students to make direct changes benefiting other students. Actions like improving Wi-Fi, or installing a water fountain, showed me the small ways that we could make a positive change.

What impact did La Roche have on you as a person?

La Roche challenged me to use my education in a way that serves others. In my La Roche Experience (LRX) classes, students are reminded that a higher education is not granted to all. This lesson stuck with me and inspired me to pursue a legal education.

What advice do you have for students?

Embrace your mentors—they’re there to help you. My mentors at La Roche encouraged me to apply to internships early and often. Internships make you competitive to employers, and provide practical experience.

Why would you recommend La Roche to a prospective student?

La Roche is one of the most affordable universities in Pennsylvania. The cost of study abroad is included in tuition. The program allows you to travel to unique parts of the world that may otherwise be inaccessible. Also, La Roche's diverse student body will allow you to make friends from around the world.