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The La Roche Experience

While many colleges strive to be the best in the world, La Roche University focuses on being the best FOR the world.

The La Roche Experience (LRX) shows you how to use your college education to make a positive difference. LRX is a required sequence of courses for all traditional students.

What Will You Learn?

LRX introduces you to the history of the University, its Catholic heritage and its founders, the Sisters of Divine Providence. By understanding the principles of peace and justice, you’ll understand your role in a larger community, which prepares you to easily step into today’s competitive, global marketplace.

Core Components

You and members of your generation will serve as leaders in the future, and we designed LRX with that in mind. LRX classes focus on the history and mission of the University, it's founders, the Sisters of Divine Providence, and justice issues such as:

  • Poverty
  • Health Care
  • Disease prevention
  • Education
  • Climate Justice
  • Racial Injustices
  • Equality
  • Hunger
  • Refugee Crisis
  • Voting Rights

LRX Activities

You’ll take part in eye-opening exercises as part of LRX. These activities are meant to be thought-provoking, and they should help you become more aware of world issues. These inspirational experiences are all part of your growth and education at La Roche:

  • Service learning and community engagement experiences
  • Value-based simulations
  • Self-exploration and reflective journal exercises
  • College-wide seminars focusing on global issues 
    Student doing a service learning project
    View upcoming volunteer opportunities through Mission & Ministry.
    Learn about our rich Catholic heritage and mission.