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For Current Members

Thank you for joining the Adventures in Lifelong Learning program! We're proud to welcome you to LRU.

Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited number of Adventures in Lifelong Learning (ALL) courses
  • Ability to Audit up to one La Roche undergraduate course per term
  • Discounts at Cantellops Dining Hall and the La Roche Bookstore
  • Wright Library privileges
  • Special one-time lectures, events and trips (additional fees may apply)
  • Guided tours of campus

Additional benefits for Plus members include access to the Kerr Fitness & Sports Center Walking Track and Sisters of Divine Providence pool.

Session & Registration Dates

Spring 2024

  • First session: Jan. 29 – March 1
  •  Second session: March 18 – April 29 (skip March 25 – April 1 for Holy Week.)

Summer 2024

  • First session: May 13 – June 14 (skip May 27 for Memorial Day)
  •  Second session: July 8 – Aug. 2 (Four weeks. Academic classes will be two hours long.)

Fall 2024

  • First session: Sept. 3 – Oct. 7 (Classes start on a Tuesday and end on a Monday.)
  •  Second session: Oct. 21 – Nov. 22


New members are welcome to join us for a tour of La Roche University and the Sisters of Divine Providence campus. We will look at areas and classrooms that ALL members frequent including:

  • Wright Library
  •  Zappala Campus Center
  •  Cantellops Dining Hall
  •  Kerr Fitness & Sports Center
  •  Pool
  •  Kearns Spirituality Center

The tour will begin at the Sister Candace Introcaso Center for Lifelong Learning, located at the Kearns Spirituality Center. Participants will walk and/or stand for approximately 45 minutes. There will be some opportunities to sit and rest if needed.

Please call 412-536-1026 or email to schedule a tour.

La Roche ID Card

To get a La Roche student ID Card, stop by the Information Desk in the Zappala Center on Fridays from 8:30-11:30 a.m. If you are unavailable on Fridays, please schedule an appointment with Lorenzo Archer, assistant director of Public Safety:

Library Card

To get your library card, visit the Wright Library and tell the staff you are a member of the Adventures in Lifelong Learning program.

Parking Pass

Pick up a parking pass form at the Information Desk in Zappala Campus Center or at the Introcaso Center for Lifelong Learning office located in the Kearns Spirituality Conference Center. You will need to provide your vehicle information, including your license plate number.

Campus Map

Download a campus map for an overview of La Roche buildings and the Sisters of Divine Providence campus.

Pool and Walking Track Access (for Plus Members)

Plus Members will need a pool building access card. Please email us to get your access card:

Open swim and walking track hours vary by semester.

For More Information

Introcaso Center for Lifelong Learning