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Education Benefits

La Roche is proud to show its appreciation for veteran students by participating in every GI Education Benefit program, including the Yellow Ribbon Program.

How to Apply for Post 9-11 GI Bill® Benefits

  • Visit to learn about educational benefits and to apply for your post 9-11 GI Bill® benefits.
  • Complete the Application for Education Benefits form*
  •  Submit a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility, or a printed copy of your Statement of Benefits page from to the La Roche Registrar.

*Preferably at least 30 days prior to the first day of the semester you wish to start. You’ll receive an automated email after you submit your certification.

If You Are Transferring to LRU

If you currently receive VA educational benefits and are transferring to La Roche, please complete the VA Form 1995 - Request for Change of Program or Place of Training Form.

Yellow Ribbon Program

The Yellow Ribbon Program helps you pay for the cost of private school tuition and fees at a that the Post-9/11 GI Bill® doesn’t cover. Veterans who earn their degrees as part of the Yellow Ribbon Program at La Roche are reimbursed 100 percent of their tuition; LRU and the government equally share costs associated with your education.

The program is open to veterans who have served three years of active duty to the U.S. Armed Forces and are eligible for the Post 9-11 GI Bill® full benefits.

 How to Apply
  • Talk first to your Veterans Administration Representative about the Yellow Ribbon Program, or call La Roche’s Veteran Certifying Official at 412-536-1083.
  • Contact the Department of Veterans Affairs for personal and specific GI Bill® entitlement questions: 1-888-GIBILL1.

    Speak to LRU’s Veteran Certifying Official

    Having a Veteran Certifying Official on campus makes the process of receiving military benefits simple. You’ll receive support and guidance from your first inquiry until the day you graduate.

    If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our Veteran Certifying Official at 412-536-1083 or

    • If you add/drop a class after initial certification, it is your responsibility to inform the Veterans Certification Official as soon as possible.
    • If you withdraw from a class at any point throughout the semester, it is your responsibility to inform the Veterans Clarification Official of the change.