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Each Spotlight profile will introduce you to a leader in our community. Read about our industry-connected professors, successful alumni and talented students, and hear their take on what it means to be a La Roche Redhawk.

Lydia Kleinschnitz ’94 Alumni

“My education from La Roche pushed my boundaries beyond nursing. It helped to prepare me for a leadership role." - Lydia Kleinschnitz ’94 As senior director of imaging...

Example General

A standard data format for a genomic circos plot would be where each row is a data point and each column represents a variable like chromosome, position, p-value, gene expression, etc. The...

Robin Witt '05 Alumni

As a licensed professional counselor, alumna Robin Witt '05 helps new mothers battle feelings of isolation, exhaustion and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Paulette Beadling ’06, M.S. HRM ’12 Alumni

Unprecedented times call for creativity, flexibility and innovation, and working as an events coordinator during a pandemic requires all of the above. This is a lesson that alumna Paulette Beadling...