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Don Sedei ’72

Meet Don Sedei ’72, author, creator, owner and CEO of The Amusement Park, LLC.

Tell us about the work you do. What does your job entail?

The Amusement Park is a brand marketing, entertainment, content creation and publishing agency of which I, along with my cofounder Ross Myers, oversee the entire creative process. Visit to learn more.

How did La Roche prepare you for this position?

We all understand the importance of a college degree. My college experience allowed me to inhale the substance of different opinions and cultures of our small but worldly campus. It gave me time to absorb and develop my points of view while plotting the road to my future, even when I didn’t know what to expect once I stepped into the real world of advertising.

My degree opened doors that otherwise may have been closed. In the advertising world, it is and was your portfolio that landed you an interview. But once you get to the table, it is the intangibles that made the difference. My experience at La Roche influenced my ability to communicate while learning the value of listening.

Why did you choose La Roche?

After graduating from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1970 with an associate degree, La Roche had just opened to men and created an opportunity through a partnership with The Art Institute.

What are you most proud of when you look back on your La Roche experience?

The campus, and the Sisters of Divine Providence who took such great pride in teaching us when we struggled. We were art students who were dropped into a well-respected academic school. Imagine the challenges the college had to face. It worked out for all parties.

What advice do you have for current students?

Be brave but humble. Be patient but not apathetic. Have a vision, and never stop chasing it. Listen and absorb so that when you speak, it is worth hearing. Remember: There is no one else like you.