Lauren Lanzino

Meet Lauren Lanzino, chair of the Health Science Department.

What was your background prior to joining the La Roche faculty?

Prior to joining La Roche as a full-time faculty member, I was a full-time practicing Doctor of Chiropractic at my own office in Lower Burrell, PA. I also taught as an adjunct faculty member at Westmoreland County Community College and Career Training Academy.

What inspired you to pursue a career in the health sciences?

My mother is a registered nurse, so I always found the medical career field intriguing.

What are some of the classes you teach?

I teach Human Pathophysiology I and II, Pharmacology, Public Health, Intro to Health Professions, Global Health Care, Health Assessment, Health Policy for the Health Services, Anatomy and Physiology lab, and La Roche Experience courses.

How would you describe your teaching style?

My style is dependent on the course I am teaching. I incorporate lecturing, group activities and hands-on applications.

How do you incorporate real-world experiences into the classroom?

In the Public Health course, we focus on current public health issues our world currently faces, such as the opioid epidemic, obesity and mental health issues. I feel it is important for students to have a basic understanding of common real-world public health issues that could affect their future patients.

What makes La Roche’s health science major unique?

I think our program is unique because it can be customizable for students with various goals. Students are required to take 18 credits of upper-level health science courses. There are multiple courses within this category that students can choose to take. Depending on graduate school prerequisites or career goals, students can choose to take the courses that they feel would benefit them the most in their future endeavors.

What advice do you have for students who want to pursue a career in health science?

I suggest all of my students shadow health care professionals in various settings. Graduate school to become a health care professional is academically rigorous and quite an investment. I feel that being exposed to your future health setting and receiving advice from a practicing professional is beneficial and keeps you motivated throughout your academic path.