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Summer Classes

Minimize your fall workload.

Note: Registration for summer classes is open until June 4.

Whether you're a college student who is home for the summer, a high school student wanting to get ahead, or an adult learner seeking career advancement, there are several benefits to enrolling in summer classes at La Roche University.


  • Discounted tuition and the most competitive per-credit costs in the region 
  • Limited, discounted housing with an optional debit-style meal plan


  • Multiple summer sessions from 6 to 10 weeks
  • Extended registrations for each summer session


    • Ability to shorten total time commitment for an academic program 
    • Ability to reduce total costs for an academic program
    • Ability to enter the job market ahead of most graduates

    All students are expected to have completed the established course prerequisites, as indicted on the schedule of classes. Academic credits earned will appear on an official La Roche transcript. Visiting undergraduate students are required to seek the permission of their home registrar to ensure that courses taken are transferable to their home institution.

    For International Students 

    Start earning credits a semester early and graduate ahead of schedule by taking summer courses.

        • Get adjusted to La Roche 
        • Earn credits at a discounted rate
        • Take all courses online
        • Seamlessly transition into the fall semester

           Apply for full-time admission now.

          For ESL Students

          Begin earlier and graduate sooner from our ESL program by taking summer courses.

            • Affordable tuition: $250 per credit/$1,000 per course
            • Eight-week schedule: May 28 to July 19   

            For High School Students

            Get ahead before you graduate from high school by earning college credit through La Roche’s Scholar Credit Initiative Program (SCIP) this summer.

            • Discount on per-credit costs
            • Some classes offered online
            • Get used to the college learning environment sooner
            • A wide variety of courses include history, English, math, and more
            • SCIP is offered in the Fall/Spring semesters.

            Application Options

            All applications are processed by the Registrar's Office. Once we receive your application, we will contact you regarding registration for classes.

            2024 Summer Class Dates  

            Six-week session May 28 - July 5
            Eight-week session May 28 - July 19
            Ten-week session     May 28 - Aug. 2

            Online Resources 

            We're here for you. Students have access to tutoring services, one-on-one sessions with our librarians and career development support. All services are offered virtually. Enrolled students can find an entire list of resources here.

            For More Information

            If you have questions regarding prerequisites or the registration process at La Roche, please contact the Registrar's Office at 412-536-1080 or

            For information regarding textbooks and class materials, please visit the Bookstore