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Semester Study Abroad

Spend a semester abroad, immerse yourself in another culture, learn how to speak a new language and broaden your perspective.

Studying in another country can be one of the most memorable, rewarding experiences of your college career. Experiencing another culture and learning more about the world beyond the La Roche campus can better prepare you to excel in a global economy.

Student Eligibility

To participate in a traditional study abroad experience, students must meet the following:

  • Complete two semesters at La Roche.
  • Have at least a 3.0 La Roche GPA.
  • Declare a major.
  • Maintain full-time status.
  • Have no serious disciplinary or academic actions pending.

Please note: All applicants will be reviewed by the Student Life Office and Residence Life Office for disciplinary clearance.

Application Process

Step 1: Schedule a meeting with the Study Abroad Coordinator at least one year prior to your intended travel departure.

The coordinator will assist you in finding a program that best suits your personal and academic plan. In addition, you will receive the La Roche study abroad application and checklist to help ensure the smooth completion of the process.

Step 2: Meet with your academic adviser

Once you have decided upon a program, meet with your adviser to discuss your program of study and determine a suitable semester to spend abroad. Your adviser will assist you in developing a course plan for classes to take abroad that will fill major, minor and elective requirements.

Step 3: Meet with the Financial Aid Office, the Office of Student Accounts and the Registrar

Financial Aid and Student Accounts will assist you in understanding how your semester abroad will affect your financial aid and billing situation. The Registrar will approve your course selection.

Step 4: Return all forms and await decision from the Study Abroad Office

The Study Abroad Office will review each applicant based on student eligibility, approval from appropriate offices and review of any disciplinary actions from the Student Life Office. If you are approved, you may apply for your program of study.

Signatures are required from your academic adviser, Financial Aid, Student Accounts and the Registrar.