Past Courses

Our students have been everywhere from Alaska, Ecuador and Cuba, to China, Ireland, England and France. Available courses vary from year to year. Travel courses listed below many not be offered each year. 

Previous Study Abroad Courses

  • Advanced Ideas Seminar in Interior Design: London and Paris 
  • Advanced Ideas Seminar in Interior Design: Italy – The Grand Tour 
  • Advanced Ideas in Interior Design and Discover Andalusian-Islamic Cultural Heritage: Morocco and Southern Spain 
  • Comparative Legal Systems: London
  • Creating a Visual Narrative: Cuba
  • Discovering Andalasian Culture: Morocco and Spain
  • England: Literature, Culture, History
  • Exploring Finland’s Educational Excellence 
  • French Culture: Paris, Brittany and Normandy 
  • International Design and Architecture: Paris
  • International Politics, Law and Business: China
  • Istanbul, Turkey: East Meets West 
  • Italian and Greek Civilizations
  • Natural Communities: Galápagos Islands
  • Language and Culture: Spain
  • Literature, Culture and History: Ireland and Scotland
  • LRX: Guatemala 
  • LRX: Trinidad and Tobago 
  • Marketing in the International Environment: Italy
  • Special Topics in Graphic Design: A Study in Visual Culture – Design in Prague and Berlin 
  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing: Greece
  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing: Ireland 
  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing: Milan and Venice, Italy 
  • Sports and Entertainment: London 2012 Olympics
  • Where Two Worlds Meet: Peru

    Previous Study USA Courses

    • Comparative Legal Systems and Environmental Law: Alaska
    • Media, Politics and Entertainment: Los Angeles 
    • LRX: La Posda, Texas