Frequently Asked Questions

Why is studying abroad an option?

It is an opportunity for every La Roche student (with the exception of students on a Pacem In Terris Scholarship) to earn credits toward their degree by studying in another country. Students are strongly encouraged to enhance their education by studying abroad.

Why should I study abroad?

Studying abroad will enhance your competitive edge in the global marketplace. More and more employers and graduate schools look for individuals who have lived/studied abroad. You will gain many skills and personal qualities while studying abroad that are highly valued by employers. While abroad you will develop an understanding and appreciation for other cultures.

Who is eligible to study abroad?

Sophomores and juniors in good academic standing are the best candidates for study abroad. A 3.0 GPA is recommended. Students who do not meet the above requirements may make an appeal to the Study Abroad Office for exception. Students who are studying at La Roche on a Pacem In Terris Scholarship are not eligible for study abroad.

When is the best time to study abroad?

The ideal time to study abroad is in your junior year; however, you also may go as a sophomore.

Where can I study abroad?

You can study abroad just about anywhere!

How will studying abroad count toward my degree?

Approval of your classes is required from your academic adviser, the department chair and the Registrar to receive transfer credit. A minimum grade of "C" in a course is required for credit transfer.

How much will studying abroad cost?

Programs vary in cost. Some programs are a little more expensive than La Roche’s tuition. The experience, however, is well worth the extra investment.

La Roche’s Semester in Rome program is designed to cost the same as a semester here on campus! Students are responsible for their own airfare and travel insurance.

Please note: Knowledge of a foreign language is not a requirement to study abroad.