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Center for Lifelong Learning

Rediscover the joy of learning, and connect with an intellectual and social community of members and friends.

Learning doesn’t have to end at a certain age—it can be a lifelong pursuit. La Roche University’s Introcaso Center for Lifelong Learning empowers learners of all ages by offering high-quality, flexible and adaptable programs to serve and meet the needs of Pittsburgh and its surrounding communities.

If you’re passionate about learning or just want to master a new skill in a relaxed setting, you’ll experience the joy and benefits of lifelong learning at La Roche. Whether you're a recent graduate, mid-career professional, retiree or older adult, individuals of all backgrounds and educational levels are welcome to join our intergenerational community. 


The Introcaso Center for Lifelong Learning offers a variety of engaging and interactive classes, workshops and community programs for retirement-aged individuals, youth and professionals at various stages of their careers. The Center offers three programs:

Adventures in Lifelong Learning

A membership-based program for adults 50 and better. Learn for the fun of learning in a relaxed environment without assignments, exams or grades.


A range of non-credit credentials, certificates, classes, micro-credentials and badges for professionals at various points in their careers.


This programming serves the local community, residents and youth by offering high-quality, in-demand programs and space utilizing the unique and available resources and assets of La Roche and the Sisters of Divine Providence (CDP). Examples include: swim classes, academic camps and community lectures.

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