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Mission & History

University Mission Statement

La Roche University, a Catholic institution of higher learning, founded and sponsored by the Congregation of the Sisters of Divine Providence, fosters global citizenship and creates a community of scholars from the region, the nation and around the world.  The University integrates liberal arts and professional education in creative ways, empowering all members of our community to become lifelong learners, achieve success in their chosen careers and promote justice and peace in a constantly changing global society.


Quality Education

La Roche University offers its students a high value education which balances the reality of career preparation with the essentials of a classical liberal arts curriculum.  The curriculum is characterized by a strong global perspective, interdisciplinary courses, and signature undergraduate and graduate professional programs. The faculty is diverse and possesses both academic and professional credentials.  In keeping with the global compass of its mission, the University recruits students from both its traditional home base in western Pennsylvania, numerous other states, and many foreign countries.  The University strives to enroll academically superior students of diverse religious, ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds and ensures that students with lesser preparation are furnished the assistance they need to enable them to  achieve academic and career success.

La Roche University has an academic culture that emphasizes outcomes based assessment of student achievement.  The moral component of education is emphasized and an understanding of the Catholic tradition and other religious traditions is available to those students who wish to explore their faith in an academic environment.

Mission and Identity

La Roche offers high-quality educational opportunities that reflect its Catholic heritage and the mission of its founding and sponsoring congregation, the Congregation of Divine Providence, to "co-create a world of compassion, justice and peace."  That commitment to peace and justice permeates all aspects of the University - spiritual, academic, social, intercultural, and community service.  That commitment is reflected in the University's global focus, which provides the entire La Roche community with the opportunity to reach across the political, cultural, and economic divides and work toward becoming a true global community.

Student Success

The success of our students is of paramount importance in all that we do at the University.  We are committed to providing a learning environment which is conducive to academic achievement, enhanced by an overall campus environment that contributes to the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional development of our students.  All this is accomplished not only through the provision of appropriate resources, but also through the example and caring interaction of the faculty, staff and administration, both inside and outside of the classroom.

The University's mission embodies the key elements of student success.  One is the ability of students to become accomplished practitioners in their chosen fields who are imbued with a lifelong thirst for knowledge.  Another is the ability for students to truly view themselves as citizens of a global society.  Finally, student success is seen in the women and men of all ages, faiths, nationalities and backgrounds who, after their time at the University, go forth into the world suffused with a desire to promote peace and justice wherever they go, and who, in so doing, continue to demonstrate that La Roche University is preparing students who truly are the best for the world.

Stewardship of Resources

Adequate resources are vital to the success of La Roche University.  We are committed to utilization of available resources in a manner that achieves maximum effectiveness for the University, ensuring the wise and efficient use of our resources while respecting the larger environment through sustainability.