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Housing for First-Year Students

After submitting a tuition deposit, all first-year resident students will complete an online housing application through the Housing Portal.

You'll receive a room assignment and roommate selection notification during the summer. The steps below will help you access Housing Portal, submit an application and match with a roommate.


Step 1: Active Your La Roche University Network Account

Before accessing the Housing Portal or any other La Roche software system, you must first activate your network account.

  • Visit the Housing Portal. 
  • In the upper right hand corner, enter the Network Username and Password provided to you in the email from the La Roche University Student Help Desk and click Log In. 
  • You will be prompted to change your password and set up challenge questions in the event that you forget your network password.
  • This setup must be completed prior to attempting to log into the Housing Portal for the first time. If you have any issues with the activation process, please reach out to the Student Help Desk: 412-847-2300 or

Step 2: Access the Housing Portal

Log into The Housing Portal using your La Roche University username and password. This information has been sent from the Student Help Desk to your personal email address on file.

If you do not have this email or have misplaced it, please contact the La Roche University Student Help Desk at

Step 3: Complete The Housing Application

Follow these steps to complete your required housing application and roommate request (if applicable).

  1. Visit the Housing Portal and enter your LRU username and password.
  2. Select the Applications tab on the left hand side of the screen, under the La Roche logo.
  3. Complete the following application components: a housing contract, Grad Guard renters insurance (optional), questions about your habits and preferences for LRU to pair you with likeminded roommates and contact information to include the following:
  • Parent Contact: For individuals under the age of 18 to send a housing contract signed by a parent or legal guardian. If you are under the age of 18, a verification will be sent to the parent or legal guardian email address provided. This verification must be signed and approved by that parent or legal guardian for the application to be completed in the system.
  • Emergency Contact: Someone the University contacts if experience an emergency.
  • Missing Person Contact: Someone the University contacts if you are to be reported missing after 48 hours. This is required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

Step 4: Roommate Matching

You may request someone as a roommate if they are the same gender and attending La Roche as a first-year student in the fall. This request is submitted online through the Housing Portal and can be made once both individuals have a completed housing application on file.

Please remember if you are under the age of 18 at the time which you complete the housing application, your parent or legal guardian must complete the housing contract verification in order for your housing application to be completed.

How to Request a Roommate

  1. Visit the Housing Portal and log in using your La Roche username and password.
  2. Select the Room & Roommate Selection tab on the lefthand side of the screen under the La Roche logo.
  3. Click on Select Roommates tab. You will then see the following:
  • Roommate Requests:This is where you can review requests you made or see your match. To ensure that you have matched together, please make sure that you see the “Your roommate group is fully matched” message.
  • Pending Roommate Requests:This is where you can see if someone has requested to live with you, and you can accept or decline the request.
  • Search for Roommate: This is where you search for a roommate. Please remember that you both need a completed housing application to be searchable. You should confirm with the individual that they have completed their housing application. 

Contact Us

If you need help during the process, please reach out to the Office of Housing & Residence Life: 412-536-1195 or