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Sisters of Divine Providence

The Congregation of the Sisters of Divine Providence is an international community of women religious co-founded in Germany by Wilhelm Emmanuel von Ketteler, a social reformer and Bishop of Mainz, and Stephanie Amelia von Starkenfels de le Roche, a French noblewoman, known in the community as Mother Marie.

Sisters of Divine Providence

The Sisters of Divine Providence, formerly St. Peter Province, Pittsburgh, founded La Roche College in 1963. The Sisters have sponsored and supported the University since its inception. the University's name honors Marie de la Roche.

Mahler Hall, a residence building, is named for Sr. De la Salle Mahler, the University's third President. The majestic Providence Heights, a structure, which dominates the North Hills landscape, was designed and built in 1927 in the style of a Bavarian castle. Providence Heights Alpha School, a private elementary school accommodating grades one through eight, is located in the building along with the offices of the Marie de la Roche Provincial leadership team and other provincial administrators.

Through contributed services, rent, and outright gifts, the Congregation has provided over $20 million to the University over the years. The 60 acres of land which make up the Congregation's campus include: Providence Heights, Ketteler Hall; Kearns Spirituality and Conference Center; several private residences; a barn; storage buildings and a number of garages. The cemetery and a woodland sanctuary are located on the eastern portion of the CDP campus.

The spirit of the University emanates from the spirit of the Congregation and the University's mission is an extension of the Congregation's mission.

Through the years, more than 100 Sisters of Divine Providence have served the University as trustees, faculty, officers, administrators, and staff. Currently, approximately six sisters minister at La Roche in full- or part-time capacities. In addition, seven sisters serve on the board of trustees.

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