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Catholic Identity

The Catholic identity and mission of La Roche University permeates the campus.

The close proximity to the residence and headquarters of the Sisters of Divine Providence, the founding and sponsoring Congregation, provides an opportunity for ongoing engagement with women who are committed to making God’s Providence visible through compassion and justice.

The hospitable, inclusive spirit and the appreciation for diversity is evidence of our commitment to the dignity of all members of the community. The beauty of the buildings, the care taken in preserving the grounds, the artwork throughout our campus, convey our stewardship of God’s creation.

For more than 50 years the mission statement of La Roche University has consistently promoted our Catholic identity and the principles of peace and justice. Signature academic programs, spiritual opportunities and service learning experiences highlight the values and commitments expressed in our mission statement. A focus on gospel values leads us as a Catholic university to be intentional in the curriculum and programs we offer.

La Roche University is named in honor of Marie de La Roche, a French noblewoman, who became the co-foundress of the Sisters of Divine Providence.

Sisters of Divine Providence

The Sisters of Divine Providence are women of varied and diverse backgrounds and talents, united in their deep trust in a Provident God who loves and cares for all creation. In keeping with the community’s charism to make God’s Providence visible in our world, the Sisters founded and sponsor La Roche University. A critical mass of Sisters continues to be actively involved in all aspects of the University community.

The La Roche Experience (LRX)

While many colleges and universities strive to be the best in the world, La Roche University focuses on being the best for the world. The La Roche Experience (LRX) is a required sequence of courses for all traditional freshmen, sophomore and juniors. LRX introduces students to the history of the University, our Catholic heritage and our founders, the Sisters of Divine Providence. All of this is taught within the context of theological reflection. By understanding the principles of peace and justice, students come to understand their roles in a larger global community.

Providence Campus Ministry
The Office of  Providence Campus Ministry seeks to build the La Roche community by exploring the University’s mission and encouraging everyone’s participation in that mission. Each member of the staff works to serve students, staff, and faculty through spiritual programming, service projects and opportunities that promote peace and justice in our local and global community.

All students are exposed to the principles of peace and justice embedded in Catholic social teaching, and to service outreach to those in need.

The Office of  Providence Campus Ministry works with the Sisters of Divine Providence to further the work of promoting peace and justice through shared programs and projects reflecting our common bond and Catholic heritage.

Saint John’s Bible

Being a Catholic university is at the very core of our mission at La Roche University. All that we strive to do is informed and guided by the Word of God.

In observance of our 50th anniversary in 2013, La Roche acquired The Saint John’s Bible Heritage Edition, a fine art reproduction of the first handwritten and hand-illuminated Bible produced in more than 500 years, since the invention of the printing press, according to the Benedictine Monks of Saint John’s Abbey and University in Minnesota, who commissioned the project.

To broaden the appreciation of the Bible across the campus, The Saint John’s Bible Illuminations Collection at La Roche University has been established.

The generosity of donors enables the University to continually acquire fine art prints and reproductions of the 160 illuminations interwoven through the Bible. They are installed in classrooms, offices and hallways throughout the La Roche campus—many in memory or in honor of special friends of the University—as symbols of our Catholic identity and as reminders of the importance of our Provident God in our lives.

Religious Studies/Philosophy

Courses in religious studies and philosophy are concerned with the academic study of religion in its historical and cultural context. They introduce students to the variety of areas of academic pursuit in religious studies, demonstrate the interface of religious studies and theology with the social sciences and enable students to understand, analyze, apply and evaluate theological methodologies and theories as they relate to human experience and existence.

Pacem in Terris Institute

Established in 1993 the Pacem in Terris Institute brings students from war-torn and developing nations to study at La Roche University. Throughout the years La Roche has welcomed 450 Pacem in Terris students who have traveled from various regions—including Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Bosnia, Palestine, Jordan, the Congo and Haiti. Many now lead productive, educated lives and have become leaders in their respective countries, fields and professions.

Providence World Café

The Providence World Café, located in the Wright Library, is staffed by Mission and Ministry staff, and encourages students to engage in meaningful conversations around peace and justice topics. Groups from La Roche Experience classes and ESL regularly use the café for discussions. Free coffee and cookies are available most weekday mornings.