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The La Roche University Bookstore is the go-to place for textbooks, apparel and supplies.

La Roche University Bookstore Website

Academic Textbooks

You’ll find all of your required textbooks at the bookstore, including new and used materials. All you have to know are your course numbers and sections, and we’ll help you find the materials that you need.

Textbook Refunds

We fully refund textbook purchases if you return items within seven calendar days from the start of classes, or within two days if purchased thereafter.

During short, interim or summer terms, refunds will be given within seven calendar days from the start of classes, or within two days if purchased thereafter.

Within these time periods, new textbooks are fully refundable when returned in the same condition as purchased. Any book purchased during the last week of classes or during exams is not fully refundable, but may be sold back at the end of the term during buyback.

Bookstore Vouchers

If your student account is in a credit balance after financial aid has been applied, you may charge your books in the La Roche Bookstore. Bookstore vouchers are valid the week before classes begin and end the last day of add/drop. Check with Financial Aid to see if you are eligible.

Rental Books and Used Materials

It’s no secret that books can be expensive. Two ways we help to cut the cost is by providing used materials and rental textbooks.

The Bookstore offers select titles on rental. If you go this route, all you need to do is return the book by the date established by the Bookstore, which is after finals of each semester.

Book Buy-Back

We offer used textbooks by offering buy-back dates at the end of each semester. During this time, we'll repurchase books, as long as there is a need for them.

During major buyback periods, we may offer as much as 50 percent of your book’s original price, but the value depends on several factors:
  • The condition of the book
  • Whether an instructor requests the textbook for the next term
  • Whether we are overstocked
Please check with the bookstore for details on which books are available for repurchase. The book buy-back occurs during the week of final exams every semester.


We accept cash, check, and credit/debit cards.

Location and Regular Hours of Operation

Huber Academic Center, Room 200
Hours of operation

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