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Get the best of both worlds: a specialty in forensics or cybersecurity, and a bachelor’s degree that prepares you for work beyond the forensic laboratory.

La Roche University offers four unique programs that were developed in consultation with industry experts, including chemists and biologists from local laboratories, the FBI Forensic Laboratories, the Pittsburgh Cybercrime Taskforce and Carnegie Mellon University’s CERT Division of Software Engineering Institute.

Biology with Forensics

This rigorous program not only prepares you for work in forensic laboratoriesit opens doors to a wide array of jobs in biology or chemistry, and prepares you for graduate programs in biology. 

This major explores the techniques used in today’s forensic laboratories, including DNA fingerprinting and blood typing.

As a result you will be prepared for graduate studies in biological sciences with forensics applications, or for work as a crime lab scientist or member of a criminal investigations team.

Chemistry with Forensics

This major prepares you for work in a forensic chemistry laboratory or for graduate-level programs in chemistry. By completing coursework in molecular biology, biochemistry and analytical chemistry, you will develop the foundation you need to solve crimes in the real world.

Criminal Justice & Criminology

This program affords specialized knowledge and training to criminal justice students who have the goal of becoming criminal investigators. Courses in chemistry, biology, computer security, computer forensics, criminal law and crime-scene investigation enable students to apply the latest scientific methods in their future careers as criminal investigators.

Computer Security & Forensics Minor

You have the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by combining the two disciplines of criminal justice and technology. Our Computer Security and Forensics minor explores cyber-crime issues, security risks and forensic techniques, providing you with the skills needed to combat a growing threat in a technology-driven world: cyber crime.

This minor prepares you for:

  • Helping businesses mitigate or prevent the threats and vulnerabilities of computers and networks 
  • Working in law enforcement to fight cyber crime, cyber terrorism, identity theft and the exploitation of minors

Career Opportunities

Our programs prepare you for graduate school as well as employment in local, state and federal crime laboratories such as:

  • Food and Drug Administration
  • Drug Enforcement Agency
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Homeland Security
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Toxicology or DNA Laboratories

La Roche graduates have found employment in forensics and other science labs in the fields of medicine, industry and academic research. Others have entered graduate programs in forensic science, biology and chemistry.


In addition to our merit-based scholarships, we offer annual and endowed scholarships, thanks to our generous donors. 

Coach Scott Lang Memorial Endowed Scholarship 

This scholarship provides an annual award to a currently enrolled, full-time student in any of the following majors: child and family studies, criminal justice and criminology, elementary education and English education (language arts and reading).
  • Applicants must have a minimum 2.75 GPA and demonstrate financial need
  • Essay and two letters of recommendation are required
  • Renewable award

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