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International Studies

The International Studies program at La Roche University offers students the opportunity to develop an understanding of universal problems and issues through interdisciplinary and globally-centered courses.

Are you among the majority of students who have yet to decide on or find an interest in a particular major? Do you also love traveling and working with people from diverse and multicultural backgrounds?

The international studies major provides students with a general understanding of how the international political, economic and financial systems operate as well as how they influence and impact nations, societies and communities.

Endless Opportunities

In a world that is rapidly globalizing, intense exchanges between peoples have transpired through faster and more expedient traveling, business transactions, personal communications, and migrations across countries and continents.

These changes have brought new jobs and careers in various sectors, at home and abroad, of which the international studies majors will be trained and prepared for.  

Career Outlook

According to various statistics, including the U.S. Labor Department, the average income for jobs related to an international studies major can range from $55,000 to $100,000 depending on whether it is a private enterprise, government organization, or nonprofit agency. As the world becomes more interconnected, these occupations are expected to increase.

At La Roche you’ll gain an awareness and appreciation for the mosaic of multiculturalism among students, faculty and staff. The international studies program under the Department of Sociology and International Studies provides you with the opportunity to select a range of courses to help prepare you for a wide spectrum of careers and jobs. 


The international studies major is designed as an interdisciplinary field that involves a combination of theory, methodology and critical thinking. The program also covers a variety of subjects for students to choose from, such as economics, sociology, anthropology, the environment, politics, history, geography, race and ethnicity, culture, modern language and development.

The flexible and cross-disciplinary nature of the major also makes it easy for students to take on another major or minor. A number of international studies majors at LRU also have double-majored in:

  • Sociology
  • Political Science

Students also have minored in areas such as:

  • Management
  • Finance
  • Information Technology

We strongly encourage students to obtain internships while in the program. Past students have held internships at U.S. consular offices and embassies, the United Nations, the World Affairs Council, The Fund for American Studies and numerous nongovernmental organizations.

Students also may elect to earn a Modern Language Certificate in addition to the international studies major. A certificate requires successful completion of 20 credits in French or Spanish. 

Expert Faculty

Students majoring in international studies work closely with the chair of the department, whose active scholarship includes regular peer-reviewed publications in scholarly journals and books, as well as, presentations of research papers at international and local conferences on a variety of subjects. These include ethnic relations, development, secession movements, the environment, globalization, ethics and government, social movements, culture and identity, and organizational behavior.

What Can You Do with Your Degree?

Many of our international studies alumni now hold successful careers in the following fields:

  • Public service
  • Government and foreign service
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Business, retail, finance
  • Risk assessment and consulting
  • Higher education management

The degree also prepares students for graduate programs in any social science and management discipline, including business, public and international affairs, international management and law. 

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