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Doctorate Program

La Roche University prepares nurse anesthetists for advanced leadership roles involving health care policy, administration and education.

The Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice (DNAP) is designed to meet the needs of the working professional. The full-time option is offered in three consecutive semesters, and the program begins in early summer with a week-long residency on campus. Classes are offered online and within a 15-week format.

DNAP students learn how to:

    • Analyze current and emerging scientific knowledge and technologies to provide the highest level of nurse anestheisa practice.
    • Translate applicable evidence-based research findings into practice.
    • Initiate changes in response to social, political, economic and ethical issues in health care.
    • Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams in the design, implementation, and evaluation of programs and policies for the improvement of health care. 
    • Develop leadership skills to meet the challenges of increasingly complex health care and educational environments impacting the practice of nurse anesthesia.

    Students must fulfill 26 credits to successfully complete the program.

    Why La Roche?

    The transition to the practice doctorate for nurses and other non-physicians in the U.S. has been driven by national health care policy that attempts to reduce medical errors, mediate health care costs and improve quality and outcomes for patients. Practice doctorates have been established for many health professions in environments such as: optometry, audiology, pharmacy and physical therapy.

    La Roche's DNAP program responds to the needs of today's complex health care environment. Doctoral candidates receive a practice-based education that covers the science, strategies and economics behind providing the highest level of patient care.

    The 26-credit program offers online courses in three consecutive semesters, beginning in early summer with a week-long residency on campus. Full-time students can complete the program in one year.

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