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Self Design

If you have academic and career aspirations that you cannot attain through a traditional field of study, you have the opportunity to take control of your education at La Roche University.

The interdisciplinary studies major at La Roche University allows highly motivated students to design a major geared toward their specific academic objectives and unique career goals.

The Interdisciplinary Studies major does not involve a pre-determined set of courses like most majors, but instead consists of a unique combination of courses based upon the student’s specific interests. Students who seek an Interdisciplinary Studies major typically combine courses from two to three disciplines.  


The Interdisciplinary Studies major is open to any student who meets the following criteria:

  • Students must have completed at least 30 credits, including transfer credits, CLEP and Credit for Life Experience
  • A minimum GPA of at least 2.0 for currently enrolled students or for previous college work completed by newly admitted transfer students.
Please note: This major is not available to freshmen.

The Application Process

A current La Roche University student who is interested in exploring the Interdisciplinary Studies major should consult with his/her academic advisor and the Coordinator of Academic and Career Advising.

New incoming transfer students should discuss this option with the Office of Graduate Studies and Adult Education during the admissions process.

Be prepared to articulate responses to the following questions:

  • What disciplines are you combining?
  • Why are you proposing this combination of disciplines?
  • What are your future academic/career goals, specifically what do you expect to do after graduating from La Roche?
  • Why could you not accomplish these goals with a current La Roche major?

    The Curriculum

    • You must select a minimum of two and a maximum of three disciplines.
    • The curriculum will include a capstone experience demonstrating the interdisciplinary nature of the self-designed major and provide an opportunity for experiential learning.
    • The program plan must include courses at the 3000 and 4000 level.

      For More Information

      Contact the Office of Student Academic Support Services at 412-536-1129 or the Office of Graduate Studies and Adult Education at 412-536-1260.