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Self Design

If you have academic and career aspirations that you cannot attain through a traditional field of study, you have the opportunity to take control of your education at La Roche University.

Our interdisciplinary studies major allows highly motivated students to design a major geared toward their specific academic objectives and unique career goals.

Developing a Major

The interdisciplinary studies major offers an opportunity for you to work with departmental faculty to create your own program. Before you begin the process of designing a major, you may want to ask yourself these questions:

  • What programs are available at La Roche that interest me?
  • How can these programs be combined to meet my unique future goals?

To successfully complete an interdisciplinary studies major, the following coursework is required:

  • 48-51 credits in a minimum of two or a maximum of three major disciplines
  • A capstone experience demonstrating the interdisciplinary nature of the self-designed major 
  • Courses at the 3000 and 4000 level, as determined by the Program Development Committee and academic advisers

How it Works

You will design a major under the supervision of the Program Development Committee, which consists of faculty from your chosen disciplines, the Registrar and representatives from the Office of Student Academic Support Services.

The Program Development Committee is responsible for:

  • Developing and publishing guidelines for the self-designed proposal
  • Reviewing and approving proposals
  • Assigning faculty advisers

The Registrar is responsible for:

  • Performing an official evaluation of all completed coursework
  • Creating a custom degree audit for each approved interdisciplinary studies major
  • Assisting the student in gaining permission to enroll in selected courses, if necessary

The Application Process

In order to pursue an interdisciplinary studies major, you must submit a proposal to the Program Development Committee. Your proposal must include:

  • An essay explaining the rationale for the proposed interdisciplinary major. Your essay should indicate the disciplines you want to combine and provide the reason that you cannot meet your academic and career goals by pursuing existing major(s) 
  • A description of your career goals to indicate how you plan to use your interdisciplinary study to meet those goals 
  • A proposed program of study that lists the courses you want to take to meet your goals, as well as rationale for the selection of each course 
  • Additional educational experiences you anticipate pursuing (such as internship or study abroad) and rationale for inclusion of each of those experiences 

College Policy

Once you and members of the Program Development Committee sign your program plan, it becomes the contract for completion of the major. You must submit any changes in the plan for committee approval.

Admission Requirements

The interdisciplinary studies major is open to any student who meets the following criteria:

  • Students must have completed at least 30 credits, including La Roche credits, transfer credits, CLEP and Credit For Life Experience
  • A minimum GPA of at least 2.0 for currently enrolled students or for previous college work completed by newly admitted transfer students 
The interdisciplinary studies major is not available to traditional freshmen. 

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