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Providence Institute

La Roche University created the Providence Institute (PI) Program to help students transition into college life, meet their full potential, and guide them toward their educational and professional goals in college and beyond.

The PI Program provides individual support to freshmen during their first academic year in college. During study- hall sessions, PI Peer Mentors will assist students in strengthening study skills, navigating online platforms, addressing academic questions, introducing students to on-campus resources, and reviewing important Academic Calendar deadlines.

The goals of this program are to cultivate resourcefulness, resilience, and confidence in students so they can experience success throughout subsequent academic years. Once the program is complete, the Office of Student Academic Support Services (SASS) will continue to support students’ academic and professional development. 


The Providence Institute Program is offered to all incoming freshmen and provides structured academic and professional support for one academic year. Support includes regular study halls and check-ins with a peer mentor. In order to provide a personalized experience for each student selected for this program, space is limited and is on a first-come, first-served basis.

All freshmen accepted to La Roche University can apply for the PI Program. Upon acceptance, each student will be matched with a PI Peer Mentor who will get to know them personally and assist with academic support, study-skill acquisition and improvement, and general knowledge of La Roche resources.

Program Goals

Through this program, students will:

  • fortify study strategies that increase academic achievement 
  • learn to self-monitor class work to meet deadlines and academic expectations 
  • develop responsible decision-making skills
  • connect with peers, faculty and staff inside and outside of the classroom 
  • adhere to advising deadlines, financial due dates, and other significant processes 
  • access and utilize, when necessary, available campus resources and support services