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Credit for Work Life Experience

Credit for Life Experience

If you've worked in the field you plan to study, you shouldn't have to repeat what you already know. At La Roche University, we offer Credit for Life Experience (CLE) so that you can make the most of your time in the classroom.

Your past experience that relates to a course offered at La Roche can be applied toward your degree.

Whether your knowledge pertains to the arts, business, software and web development, or military service, you may be eligible for Credit for Life Experience.

You may apply for up to 30 credits for prior learning.  These credits may not be applied to the last 30 credits for college residency. 

Benefits of Using the CLE Program:

  • Accelerate Degree Completion: Using CLE can lesson course overloads and potentially allow students to take advanced courses sooner.
  • Save money:  Fees for credits earned through CLE are charged at a significantly reduced rate compared to La Roche University's undergraduate tuition rate per credit rate.
  • Satisfy pre-requisites, academic core requirements, or general elective credits:  Life Experience learning often develops knowledge that isn't included on a student's transcript.  Using CLE can help students demonstrate their course-specific knowledge for pre-requisites, academic core requirements, or needed general electives that then allows them to focus their time and effort on major specific courses. 

How to Earn Credit for Life Experience

Portfolio Development:  Based on course-specific learning outcomes, students assemble a portfolio that consists of a written narrative along with supporting documentation that demonstrates a student's proficiency in the course learning outcomes.

Students can schedule a one-on-one appointment (either face-to-face or online via Microsoft Teams) with a professional tutor in the Writers' Center for portfolio creation assistance.  Appointments can be made online at:, or they can be made by stopping by Wright Library 206, calling 412-536-1230, or emailing the director at

Let's Get Started:

After you have contacted your admissions counselor, and are underway with the admissions process, begin to review the Credit for life Experience Portfolio Preparation guide.