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Bridge to your Bachelor's

La Roche University's Bridge to Your Bachelor's Program allows you to earn La Roche University credits at the cost of community college tuition.

If you have a minimum of 66 transferable credits from a regionally accredited community college and plan to enroll for both the summer and fall or spring and fall semesters at La Roche, you can take up to 15 credits during the spring or summer for only $125 per credit hour.

We work closely with you as a transfer student to make the most of your previously earned credits, so your degree is easily within reach.

(*Must be enrolled as a full-time student for the fall semester)

Get a head start on your four-year degree and save money at the same time.

La Roche offers:

  • More than 50 majors, including the 10 most popular majors among today's college students
  • A truly personalized education, where your professors know you by name
  • A place for you to grow personally and academically

Our Bridge To Your Bachelor's Program Offers

  • The opportunity to take spring or summer classes at a rate comparable to community college tuition rates 
  • The significant benefit of starting your bachelor's degree program one semester earlier 
  • Significant cost savings for student

Students who were successful at a community college and have proven their abilities are likely to be successful at La Roche University. However, the cost increase from community college tuition to four-year private college tuition is exponential This one-time tuition rate not only incentivizes enrollment at La Roche, it also reduces the burden of the tuition increase.

Eligible students must meet the following requirements:

  • Completion of a minimum of 66 transferable credit hours with a regionally accredited community college
  • Enrollment in both the summer and fall or spring and fall semesters (must enroll as a full-time student in the fall semester)
  • Payment of a non-refundable deposit for the fall semester, which will be applied to the cost of fall tuition. Resident Student Deposit $125, Commuter Student Deposit $75

The La Roche University Bridge to Your Bachelor's Program offers a great economical route to your degree!    
Contact us today for more information: or call us at 412-536-1260.