Pacem In Terris Program

Pacem In Terris Program

Established in 1993, the Pacem In Terris Institute brings students from war-torn and developing nations to study at La Roche University. Throughout the years, La Roche has welcomed 450 Pacem In Terris students who have traveled from various regions –including Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Bosnia, Palestine, Jordan, the Congo and Haiti. Many now lead productive, educated lives and have become leaders in their respective countries, fields and professions.

The work of this program is critically important and donations are needed to allow this program to continue. 


Where it all Began

The first class of Pacem In Terris scholars arrived at La Roche in 1993, predominantly from the Balkans in Southeastern Europe. Here they are in their first group photograph, with information on their current whereabouts.

First Pacem Class1993


Pacem In Terris Students Inducted into the Distinguished Alumni Circle

La Roche University has established the Distinguished Alumni Circle Awards to honor La Roche graduates for their outstanding professional success and significant dedication to community service.

Click the links below for our Distinguished Pacem In Terris Student Alumni biographies:



Godfrey BiravangaGodfrey Biravanga
Yohani Kayinamura PhotoYohani Kayinamura
Jean-Pierre Rwigena PhotoJean-Pierre Rwigena


Euchario Bakale Ange Oyana PhotoEuchario Bakale Ange Oyana
Natasha Garrett PhotoNatasha Garrett
Lejla Uzicanin PhotoLejla Uzicanin


Miquel Ntutuma Evuna Andemc PhotoMiquel Ntutuma Evuna Andemc
Rijad Konjhodzic PhotoRijad Konjhodzic
Driton Lajci  PhotoDriton Lajci     
Jean Paul PhotoJean-Claude Rwigema


Kheir Mugwaneza-photoKheir Mugwaneza
Laurien Sibomana-photoLaurien Sibomana