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Campus Sponsored Programs

Better yourself, our campus and the outside community through service learning, faith-based activities and clubs that serve our students.

Campus Sponsored Programs

Campus Ministry

All are welcome to join this council that gives students the opportunity to initiate activities and assist with programs of the Campus Ministry Office.

Advisor: Sister Elena Almendarez

Coalition for Christian Outreach/LIFE

The Coalition for Christian Outreach is a college ministry that works cooperatively with colleges, universities and churches to help them guide students through these critical years of their lives. As a campus ministry organization, the CCO takes seriously the nature of education, students and student life, and the particular relationship of each of these to the Christian faith. The CCO is committed to helping students understand the Lordship of Christ in their lives, especially in the development of a Christian worldview.

Advisor:  Sister Elena Almendarez

Community Service

All are welcome to become involved in this group to promote awareness amongst the student body about the need for community service. Their goal is to bring about positive chance in society through volunteering for numerous programs.
Contact: Steven Benson

Counseling Services

La Roche University Counseling Services are tailored to address a variety of situations. The University offers individual counseling, workshops and seminars designed to deal with the life issues of adolescents and adults. Workshops, therapy and Counseling sessions are confidential and services are free to all La Roche students. The Counseling Service staff works with students to help make their lives more manageable and meaningful. Counseling service is also available for any student, resident or commuter, who wishes to speak confidentially with a therapist about any type of issue or problem. Counseling services are available during the fall and spring terms Monday-Friday 8-4:30 and during the summer term Thursdays by appointment.
Contact: Tricia Katyal

Food Service Council

All students are welcome to join this group which voices suggestions and food preferences of students to the food service.
Advisor: John Mussitsch

Intramurals and Athletics Board

This organization is designed to promote student involvement in planning a diverse intramural program for women and men. They also address concerns of student athletes. This group is represented on Student Government.

Advisor: Jim Tinkey

Advisor: Katherine Golebie