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Founding a Scholarship at La Roche University

Founding a scholarship is one of the most powerful and meaningful ways that benefactors can support La Roche University, ensuring that higher education is available to students with great academic potential and/or students with great financial need.

While La Roche University works intentionally to keep tuition well below the national average for private institutions, the total cost of earning a degree can still be daunting for many students and families.  La Roche also works hard to provide generous merit and need-based grants for all eligible students; many students also utilize work-study opportunities and student loans to fund their education.  However, many students still fall short in their ability to pay, and that is where donor-created scholarships have made a significant impact.

In creating a scholarship, donors can help to determine the eligibility criteria for students. Criteria can include merit and/or financial need, specific areas of academic interest, or other factors.  The scholarship awardees will be determined by the La Roche Scholarship committee.

Donors can choose from two general types of scholarships at La Roche: an annual scholarship or an endowed scholarship. Both types of scholarships can be named by the donor, sometimes in honor or in memory of a loved one.

Annual Scholarships 

Annual scholarships are created with the intent that all of the donated funds will be distributed to students over the course of time. These funds are not invested in the University’s endowment.  Rather, they are maintained in an appropriate account that allows for access to funds on a regular basis. Annual scholarships are a good option for donors who are not able to make larger financial gifts. They can be started with smaller initial donations, and additional donations can be made to the fund at any time. Some donors use annual scholarships as a way to make regular gifts to the University that go to work immediately to assist students, and the donors replenish the funds in the scholarship account with continuing gifts.

Endowed Scholarships 

Endowed scholarships are ideal for donors who have the capacity to make a significant philanthropic investment in the education of students at La Roche.  Once created and sufficiently endowed (with a minimum principal balance of at least $25,000), an endowed scholarship fund is permanently invested with the University’s endowment.  Earnings from the endowed fund will be utilized annually to provide scholarship aid to selected students, in keeping with the University’s endowment spending policy as approved by the Board of Trustees. For example, in a given year, the University might withdraw four to five percent from the endowment for scholarship awards, allowing the principal to remain intact and continue to grow.  An endowed scholarship, in general, will grow significantly over time; and, as the principal value increases, the amount that the University can award to students in the future will also grow. This fund is designed to exist in perpetuity and will benefit students for generations to come.

For further information on creating a scholarship at La Roche University, please contact University Advancement,, 412-536-1086.