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Parking & Student IDs

Parking & Student ID's

The University provides free parking on a first-come, first-served basis for all commuter students and faculty/staff. There is a fee for resident students wishing to park in preferred parking in the residence hall areas.

Students, faculty, and staff must register all motor vehicles operated on Campus. Parking lots are designated for faculty/staff, commuter and resident students. All students are expected to abide by the motor vehicle regulations designated by the Public Safety Department.

Parking Map

Commuter Parking

Parking is available in the main lot between the Wright Library and Kerr Fitness Center. Commuter students are not permitted to park in the faculty/staff or residence hall parking lots.  Overflow parking is available at the Baierl Athletic Complex and behind the white barn that is located on the Sisters of Divine Providence property.

Residence Hall Parking

Resident students are charged a fee for parking in preferred parking areas around the residence halls. There are five parking lots designated for resident student parking and these lots are marked by signs. Resident students are not permitted to park in the faculty/staff parking lot. All guests in the residence halls must park in the commuter parking lot or behind the Kerr Fitness.

Overflow Parking

Please see the map below for areas your are permitted to park for overflow parking.  The red areas are parking spots you are NOT permitted to park in. The yellow area which is comprised of about 35 extra spaces is where La Roche students are permitted to park. Patrols will be made more frequently due to an excess of parking violations. Tickets will be given out to any violators.  

Visitor Parking

Some visitor parking is available on campus. Passes for visitor parking on campus are available through the Public Safety Department. Visitor parking is permitted in the main lot between the Wright Library and the Kerr Fitness Center and behind the Kerr Fitness Center. Visitors are not permitted to park in any residence hall parking lot.

Handicap Parking

There are a limited number of handicap parking spaces on campus. Students who display a PA handicap or Disabled Veteran registration plate or placard shall be permitted to park in any handicap space on campus. Students who do not have a PA handicap or Disabled Veteran registration plate or placard, but who are requesting handicap privileges must submit to the Director of Public Safety a letter from a physician identifying the disability and the length of time needed for parking.

Student ID's

Currently enrolled La Roche University students are issued a La Roche University identification card, referred to as the RedHawk card. The Redhawk card is the only identification recognized by the university for such services and privileges as borrowing library books, cashing checks, using campus facilities and being admitted to university events.

Students are REQUIRED to present their Redhawk Card or other appropriate forms of identification upon the request of a university official.