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From early world history and to the recent past, La Roche University’s history major traces the evolution of societies and explains what has become of them.


La Roche provides a balanced and intriguing menu of courses in both U.S. history and the history of foreign nations around the world. We cover everything from the earliest settlements in North America to the U.S. Civil War and the New Deal.

You’ll study the following:

  • The U.S. Army’s role in various wars
  • The role of women in society
  • The role of Native Americans
  • The struggle of social classes 

The program also provides an in-depth examination of the history of countries in Latin America, Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Western Europe, as well as the study of global ideas and American ideologies. 

Optional Double Major

You may choose to double major in a related field such as education, political science, sociology or international affairs. To graduate you must complete a minimum of 120 credits: 36 history credits, 15 major elective credits, 35 general elective credits and 34 core curriculum credits.

Expert Faculty

Our outstanding history faculty includes published authors and nationally recognized experts in their specific fields of history. You’ll work on a one-to-one basis with professors who offer real-world insight, broad-based knowledge and industry experience.

Study Abroad Opportunities

You have the opportunity to expand your horizons by studying history in another part of the world. Included in the cost of tuition, our Study Abroad+Study USA program offers you the chance to travel abroad or within the United States at little or no additional cost. Our students have traveled everywhere from England and Peru to Greece, Ireland and Cuba.

What Can You Do With Your Degree?

A degree in history from La Roche sets you in motion to pursue a variety of career such as:

  • Middle school and high school education
  • Journalism
  • Government employment in federal, state or local governments
  • Law school or graduate school



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