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Modern Languages

Whether you want to travel the world or understand different cultures, learning a new language is a great starting point.

Modern Languages

At La Roche University we offer a minor and a certificate in modern languages. These offerings allow you to gain a working-level speaking ability in Spanish or French, and develop an understanding of foreign cultures and customs.

Expert Faculty

Our experienced faculty members are fluent in the languages and have traveled extensively in Spanish and French speaking countries. Through state-of-the-art methodologies, including computer-assisted instruction, various technological aides and other support programs, you'll find opportunities for individual pacing and reinforcement of language skills.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Study Abroad+Study USA
You have the opportunity to utilize what you’ve learned in your modern languages courses. Our popular Study Abroad+Study USA program offers short-term travel courses for you to explore the world at no additional cost.
  • Included in the cost of tuition
  • Covers the price of lodging, travel and most meals
  • Courses led by La Roche faculty and staff
Traditional Study Abroad
If you’re looking for a more traditional study abroad experience, opportunities exist for you to live and learn abroad for a full semester. Many students find that immersing themselves in a Spanish or French speaking country is helpful. La Roche students have studied abroad in Spain, Mexico, Guatemala and Costa Rica.

Multicultural and International Clubs
La Roche offers more than 30 student clubs and organizations for you to meet new people and get involved. Whether you want to join the Spanish Club or celebrate our multicultural community through the student organization GLOBE, you’ll engage in cross-cultural dialogue and find a sense of belonging.

Career Opportunities

A high-level of proficiency in a foreign language is beneficial in various fields, including:
  • Business and Industry
  • Education
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Health Care
  • Legal Interpreting
  • National Security
  • International Development
  • Emergency Response
  • Law Enforcement
Please visit the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages website for more information and to explore how you can prepare for jobs in these fields.

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