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ELMSN Program Outcomes

ELMSN End of Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Model effective communication, mutual respect, and collaboration to achieve quality outcomes.
  • Advance the nursing profession by demonstrating accountability and the core values of the professional practice role. 
  • Analyze quality and safety data, regulatory, and accreditation standards to reduce risk and achieve optimal outcomes.
  • Exemplify leadership competence that supports best practice and efficient resource utilization to drive desired outcomes. 
  • Analyze health policy, ethical issues, and legal considerations to improve outcomes.
  • Utilize informatics and healthcare technologies in the delivery and coordination of care.
  • Integrate evidence-based strategies to promote professional practice and improve outcomes of patients, families, communities and systems. 
  • Incorporate complex concepts from nursing, the humanities, and related sciences to guide nursing practice for diverse populations in a variety of settings and professional roles.